Best Bar None was piloted in Manchester in 2003. It proved to have such a positive effect on the evening and nighttime economy (ENTE) it is now active in over 75 towns and cities across the UK, Altrincham being one.

Our mission statement is……

To reduce alcohol related crime and antisocial behaviour. To increase business, through the delivery of training, education and promotion of best practice, and to create a partnership between the local authority, the police, the trade and the private sector to broaden the appeal of an area more especially it’s evening and night-time economy.

The Launch Night

Tuesday 24th October 2017 saw the launch of Manchester’s Altrincham scheme. The event was attended by many including the towns licensee’s, councilors, Local authority and Greater Manchester Police. The night was a great success with huge support and buy in with everyone appreciating the benefits of raising standards within venues.

The scheme first launched in Bolton and since this time the town has seen a 33 per cent reduction in crime. Seventeen businesses from the area have gained official accreditation and there were 92 incidents of violent crime reported in licensed premises, compared with 137 for the same time period in 2016.

Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts from GMP said: “I’m delighted that it is now being brought to Altrincham and look forward to hearing about developments in the area. It’s crucial that venues, licensees, security firms, taxi drivers and anyone else involved in the night time economy continue to work with us and each other to create safe places for everyone.”

Mick McDonnell, national co-ordinator for Best Bar None said: “It’s absolutely fantastic to be back in Best Bar None’s ancestral home to launch a second Best Bar None scheme.

“With the success already evidenced by Bolton and the enthusiasm of all concerned in Altrincham, I hope we can encourage more and more areas of Greater Manchester to get involved.”

Councillor David Hopps, executive member for Trafford Council said: “The council is fully behind this initiative and are happy to work alongside the police and the trade in working to raise standards and improve the safety and enjoyment of people visiting Altrincham.”

Accredited venues

Altrincham Conservative Club
The Bricklayers Arms
The Green Room
The Old Roebuck
The Unicorn
This Way to the Beach
Traders Tiki


  • Abigail Richardson

    • Email: abigailrichardson@altrinchamunlimited.co.uk

Altrincham Best Bar None Launches ”Ask for Angela”

Recognised as having a thriving night-time economy, Altrincham launched Best Bar None (BBN) at the end of 2017. This is a national scheme supported by the Government and
Greater Manchester Police to encourage responsible management and improved standards in alcohol licensed premises. Bars in the town are now working towards their BBN accreditation and cooperating with one another to keep Altrincham a safe and secure town where residents and visitors can enjoy a night out. We hope that restaurants, licensed cafes and other licensed venues will join the scheme in the future. Altrincham Best Bar None is represented on the GM Night Time Panel and looks forward to playing an active role in the Greater Manchester Night-Time economy.

To further Altrincham BBN’s objectives, the group is now launching “Ask for Angela”, which is a national scheme to support people on a night out who feel threatened, vulnerable or
intimidated. First introduced in Lincolnshire in 2016, the phrases “Is Angela in?” and “Can I speak to Angela?” are fast becoming internationally recognised as calls for assistance.

The name “Angela” was chosen as a play on the word “Angel”, meaning guardian, and provides a discreet way for someone to ask for help in getting out of a difficult situation. This might then involve staff taking the distressed person out of sight, calling a taxi, calling a friend or family member, asking the person causing the distress to leave the venue or calling
the Police. “Ask for Angela” was successfully launched in Bolton last year, where it has already helped potential victims. Altrincham is the first to introduce the scheme in Trafford.

Angela Stone, Chair of Altrincham Best Bar None, said: “We were looking at ways of championing Altrincham as being a safe and secure night-time economy and we came across “Ask for Angela”. Twenty of our venues have enthusiastically embraced the initiative so far and I hope more will come on board in the coming weeks. I am constantly impressed by the passion and dedication showed by our evening economy venue owners and managers who strive to keep Altrincham a safe and fun place to enjoy a night out.”

Sir Graham Brady, Altrincham & Sale West MP, said: “This a welcome initiative to help to keep people safe when enjoying a night out in Altrincham. Now that the town centre is thriving, it is essential that quality of provision is maintained and public safety must be at the heart of that.”

Sacha Lord, Greater Manchester Night-Time Economy Adviser, said: “I am delighted to give my full support and backing to the launch of “Ask for Angela” in Altrincham. The initiative will undoubtedly provide customers with reassurance if they are feeling vulnerable, uneasy or distressed. I would urge all the venues in Altrincham to take part and make sure their staff are fully aware of the scheme. Bolton was the first Borough in Greater Manchester to apply the “Ask for Angela” initiative, and it is great to see Altrincham (Trafford) now taking part. I would ultimately like to see the rest of Greater Manchester follow the Altrincham and Bolton lead and will be working with partners across the conurbation to raise awareness and support the roll out of this very worthy initiative.”