Exeter Celebrates 3 years of Success.

Published: March 18, 2018 9:33 am

The beautiful Reed Hall in the grounds of Exeter University was the venue chosen for Exeter’s 3rd Best Bar None awards evening. The event took place on Wednesday 14th March and was attended by over 90 people.

New Chair, Emma Gibson started the evening with a welcome speech, thanking everyone, including sponsors for attending and supporting not only the event but also the scheme.

Mick McDonnell BBN National Coordinator then said a few words about the national picture and how, in times of austerity, it was important for all interested parties working within the ENTE to work in partnership to create that safe and vibrant area for people to enjoy.

A fantastic 3-course dinner was then served.

After dinner David Fitzgerald (Fitz) from Radio Devon hosted the actual awards ceremony where a total of 13 awards were presented.

Just before the Overall winner was announced, Simon Lane from Exeter City Council assisted Emma in presenting the Chairman’s Award to Reverend James Grier for his support of the scheme and the NTE in general.

The final presentation of the evening went to John Gandy’s who received the Overall Winners award from Mick McDonnell for the second year running, after which the bar remained open so people could celebrate and network.