When it comes to the products you use and sell if maybe useful to consider:

  • Limit product range offer to simplify service and increase profit
  • Disposable items vs sustainability, use of copper/low transfer surfaces
  • Hygiene products – no contact sanitiser machines, sanitiser incorporating moisturiser, masks vs see through visors, door pulls operated by foot, etc.
  • Products to support al fresco dining
  • Signage
  • Digital solutions – ordering apps
  • Joint purchasing opportunities

The following apps maybe useful to you. This list isn’t exhaustive and may not be suitable for your premises/business type. Prices were correct at time of uploading and are taken from the companies website.



Type Upfront cost Commission


YooQoo Waiting lists From £50 pm £0 https://www.yooqoo.co/
Trof Ordering and payment £0 1.4% + 20p https://www.trof.me/
Viper Ordering, payment, waiting lists Undisclosed Undisclosed https://www.vipernights.com/
Seatd Ordering and payment £0 1% https://beseatd.com/
Dines Ordering and payment £0 2.5% + 20p https://dines.co.uk/
Glug Ordering and payment £0 Undisclosed https://glug.live/
Hungrrr Ordering and payment From £99 pm £0 https://www.hungrrr.co.uk/
Butlr Ordering and payment £0 2% https://getbutlr.com/
Qtap Offers, ordering and payment £0 10% https://q-tap.co.uk/
Sugarvine Tables Table booking £50 pm £0 https://sugarvinetables.com/
Tabology Table booking, ordering and payment From £39 pm 2.9% + 20p https://www.tabology.com/
Table order Ordering and payment From £0 Depends on package (highest – 4% + 29p) https://www.tableorder.co.uk/
Time to Spare Track and trace £100 £10 pm https://timetospare.com/
StoreKit Ordering and payment £0 1.59% + 15p https://storekit.com/takeaway/order#

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