There are some practical considerations that need to be considered when planning for reopening. These are:

  • Timing of reopening
  • Opening hours
  • Restocking
  • Dry runs – use your team
  • Cancellation policy
  • How you will capture and use customer feedback

The following things also need to be considered in your local area:

  • Opportunities to be part of the conversation
  • What is your area’s approach
  • Local schemes that could support you – Best Bar None, BIDs, etc.

Alongside these considerations you may also be faced with the 1 metre/2 metre quandary.

  • BII survey: 98% of pubs won’t open unless they can achieve 75% capacity
  • BBPA: 2 metre 30% could open, 1.5 metre 50% and 1 metre just over 75%
  • BUT! Research shows customers want 2 metre
  • Static distancing – some leeway for movement to toilets
  • Practical considerations for opening, e.g. legionella, cleaning

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