Once venues have reopened another hurdle is to build consumer confidence to encourage customers to return to your businesses:

  • Consumer confidence plummets to Jan 2012 low
  • 86% believe there is a depression recession coming
  • 89% believe unemployment will rise

YouGov poll, published 4th May 2020

  • 85% of consumers worried about long-term financial impacts

CGA, May 2020

  • Trade association survey reports reluctance to return to licensed premises is highest as you go up the age brackets

Things you may want to consider:

  • Social media videos informing customers of all measures (MotionDen allow you to create 1st video free)
  • Transparent policies & risk assessments – on website, on display in premises
  • The “theatre of cleaning”
  • On-brand signage & messaging
  • Cleaning checklists visible to customers
  • Host at front door explaining house rules & reassuring
  • Brief all staff on all measures so they can field enquiries confidently