The following information and resources provide the latest information and ideas relating to how you can plan to reopen during and as we recover from COVID-19.

Social engagement is at the very core of the sector. Physical distancing will have an major impact on viability and it is estimated that 30,000 pubs may never reopen. Planning and partnership will be keys to success as the trade faces many more challenges and issues on the journey to reopening.

Some of the challenges the industry may face are:

  • One of the last sectors to reopen – financial challenges
  • Maintaining welfare, safety & hygiene for customers & staff
  • Consumer confidence and trust
  • Physical distancing challenge
  • Staying on brand and attractive to customers
  • Adhering to operational requirements & risk assessments
  • Staff challenges – availability, bringing back from furlough, effect of staggered breaks, etc.
  • Perception of disorder spike
  • Limited opportunities for alternative income from digital/online
  • Predicted rise of local vs city centre pub visits
  • Variable premises layouts – uneven playing field
  • Practical considerations

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