Barnsley have expanded their scheme to Dearne

Published: March 21, 2022 12:37 pm

Introducing Best Bar None to none-town centre venues has significantly increased compliance with Health and Safety Legislation across 9 venues. Developing standardised folders, policies and work products enabled all venues to actively participate with the scheme and achieve consistency throughout the Dearne.  

We’ve seen a welcoming response from venue Managers and Committees, which has led to increased due diligence and impressive information governance. The pilot has seen a growth in qualified first aiders and first aid provision in the Dearne Area, registrations and compliance with the information commissioner’s office and improved staff training and care; using a newly developed training manual, for the purpose of the pilot.

Venues have welcomed additional signage, that encourages responsible retailing and a more positive customer experience. The scheme has allowed venues to reflect on their current working practices and recommend improvements for the future. 

Overall, the pilot has been very successful and greatly received within the Dearne. Our ambition is to roll out borough wide, in other villages across Barnsley.