Swansea’s BEST BAR NONE scheme  was launched on the 04/07/2017 it is so new in fact we do not have  a winner yet.
But we are working hard and the competition is on with tweny venues in the BID area answering the call.
A Big Thanks to Chris Broad from Fiction ,Bruno Nunes Creative Group,And of course Gary Lulham fron Sin city for supporting the scheme so far, We have also had massive support from the Police and City and County of Swansea who can see the advantages for all stake holders with in the city.

Our mission statement is……

To reduce alcohol related crime and antisocial behaviour. To increase business, through the delivery of training, education and promotion of best practice, and to create a partnership between the local authority, the police, the trade and the private sector to broaden the appeal of an area more especially it’s evening and night-time economy.

Accredited venues


  • Brendan Bottomley

    • Phone: 01792 475021
    • Email: brendan@swanseabid.co.uk