Welcome to Best Bar None Bolton, we pride ourselves on our mission statement ……

We aim to reduce alcohol related crime and antisocial behaviour. To increase business, through the delivery of training, education and promotion of best practice, and to create a partnership between the local authority, the police, the trade and the private sector to broaden the appeal of an area more especially it’s evening and nighttime economy.

Launching Best Bar None Bolton

The Bolton Scheme was officially launched on the 17th of January 2017 by The Mayor of Greater Manchester, Mr Tony Lloyd and Assistant Chief Constable Rob Potts. The launch night was attended by over 150 invited dignitaries and guests at The Venue Bar in Bolton Town Centre. Both Mr Lloyd and Assistant Chief Constable Potts offered his full support and an encouraging speeches emphasised the importance of partnership working amongst licensees, the police and Local Authority. In addition the many local businesses came together to offer sponsorship for the event which contributed to the success of not only the night but building the foundations towards achieving a vibrant and safe night time economy in Bolton Town Centre.
Mick Mcdonnell, National Co-coordinator of Best Bar None was astounded by the efforts contributed and expressed pride and delight that BBN was “coming home” to the Manchester.

Our Journey

Following  the success of our launch night momentum to participate began with a keen interest from Bolton town centre premises. Once the application stage has closed the licensees worked tirelessly  to “raise the bar” in Bolton.  GMP Licensing Officers Andy and Natalie held  two BBN workshops to support the licensees and guide and advise them on best practice and legal requirements .

A Commitment to Learning

On the 6th of March, twenty of Bolton center’s licensed premises were represented by almost sixty staff for a Counter Terrorism input delivered by The Northwest Counter Terrorism Unit. The training consisted of a two hour input and included information relevant to Bolton, plus video’s of historic terrorist attacks from around the UK.

On the 20th of March almost fifty town centre staff  from eighteen premises attended a Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness event that was delivered by GMP’s Child  Exploitation Team. The intention of this event was to raise awareness of  potential CSE issues across all night time economies.








                                                                   Keeping you safe on your night out in Bolton.

In Bolton we strive to be a safe and welcoming so that when our customers come out they feel reassured that if they need help they would be looked after. One of the way we promote safety is by using the Door Staff Breathalysers.  These are essentially there to prevent anyone entering a licensed premises that has already consumed too much alcohol. Many of our BBN venues  us them.

The use of the breathalyser helps premises management in promoting the licensing objective of the prevention of crime and disorder. The breathalyser is a simple and effective piece of kit.

Customers simply blow over the top of the unit which will then indicate to the customer and door supervisor using a traffic light system.

Don’t be offended if you’re asked to blow into the breathalyser. The door staff are doing their job!


Club Crew.

LEVEL Bolton in partnership with Drinwkaware operate a Club Crew.

The Club Crew, trained by Drinkaware UK. are there specifically to provide expert support in venues. They aim to support the welfare and wellbeing of young people on a night out. The Crews working in pairs and are easily identifiable by their bright red uniform mingle with customers to promote a positive social atmosphere and help those who may be vulnerable as a result of drinking too much alcohol. This can include reuniting lost customers with friends, helping people into taxis or simply providing a shoulder to cry on. Employed by the venue The Crew work with other members of staff, like security and first aid, providing an extra layer of support to ensure customers have a happy evening where risk of harm is minimised.

The Awards Night





Accredited venues


  • Natalie Dolan

    • Email: Natalie.Dolan@gmp.police.uk