H20 Angels will hand out free water to clubbers in Plymouth

Published: March 9, 2017 2:13 pm

It’s not exactly holy water but a host of “angels” will be soon be patrolling Plymouth pubs handing out free glasses of H2O to drinkers.

The H2O Angels are expected to be in action for the Easter bank holiday weekend as part of a campaign to keep revellers hydrated and less drunk – and thus avoid a hangover.

They will be dressed as angels, complete with “wings”, and will carry backpacks which enable them to squirt out aqua pura into containers and hand them to pub and club punters.

The caring cherubs will also be giving out information about the importance of staying hydrated on a night out.

Studies also show that people who drink water on a night out therefore imbibe less alcohol.

Best Bar None Plymouth, which is behind the scheme, will release a list of pubs and clubs that will be visited by the celestial water carriers early in April 2017.

But potentially any of the dozens of BBN accredited bars could be included.

“We want as many venues as possible. We’re really excited about this,” said Jay McDonnell, chairman of BBN Plymouth. “They will launch over the Easter weekend, Thursday to Sunday (April 13 to 16).

“You will not miss them – they will be dressed as angels.

“The wings and backpacks are on order.

“They will provide party-goers with water throughout the night, and information about how important it is to stay hydrated.”

Mr McDonnell had the idea after hearing about a similar scheme run in West Sussex.

He came up with the name H2O Angels and has been “in discussions” with West Country firm Griffin Promotions UK about staffing the angelic horde.

“They will have backpacks like the ones you see at festivals, only those are selling beer,” Mr McDonnell said. “The glasses will be branded and they will also give out information.

“It will suit some venues, some it may not, but they will be in a lot that Easter weekend.

“And then we would look to repeat it at key events.

“A lot of venues will be interested in this.”

Mr McDonnell said the angels will not only target people who are “intoxicated or tired” but anyone out on the town.

And he stressed that the scheme is not expected to hit bar takings.

“Some licensed premises may be concerned it will reduce alcohol sales, but in West Sussex they found customers were out for longer because they did not get drunk quickly,” said Mr McDonnell.

“And people found their hangovers were a lot less bad in the morning.”

Mr McDonnell announced the H20 Angels scheme at a BBN Plymouth meeting attended by police and crime commissioner Alison Hernandez and about 50 bar bosses, at the Pryzm nightspot at Barbican Leisure Park.

Mick McDonnell (no relation to Jay), National BBN Coordinator, said the scheme was “a fantastic initiative” and said. “This is about personal responsibility and looking after yourself. People who drink more water drink less alcohol and keep themselves hydrated.”